Handcrafted-All Natural

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This is my favorite bar soap hands down! Its made with the best wholesome ingredients that work wonders on your skin. These bars last forever and the smell is so calming and relaxing. Im hooked!

Lacey Stubbs

I absolutely love Ashley Marie Soap! The closest soap to nature. Made with all natural oils. Not to mention all the compliments I get on how beautiful these bars look in my house. I use this soap not only for me but this is the only soap I use on my babys perfect skin. #AsForMeImWithAshleyMarie

Angela Holm

Someone gave me a couple of your soaps as a gift some time ago. There were awesome. I highly recommend them, not only as a beautiful gift, but when you use them it just makes ya happy...

Patty LeBaron

Ashley Marie Soaps are the best soaps I've ever used. She puts so much effort into making each individual soap perfect. I highly recommend them. They are the best soaps you can get. 

Pamela Stubbs